Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 Review

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Dexter Soy

Red Hood and the Outlaws has been one of my favorite books of Rebirth and it hasn’t ever let me down. Issue 12 has finally come a long to continue the Outlaw’s journey and let’s take a look to see how it holds up.

This issue is one of those kind where it’s so amazing yet it’s hard to describe because it’s a very emotional issue. If you’ve been following this group from the beginning of Rebirth, like I have, it’ll hit home even more. There were moments that really made me tear up. Jason knows about Bizarro’s shelf life but they couldn’t have predicted it would be this soon. The team has been through so much already and of course they’re heartbroken about him dying as much as we are.

I have never been so emotionally moved by a comic book quite like this. The characterization of Bizarro is the shining light of this book. His relationship with Jason and Artemus feels real and he truly cares for his friends. The possibility of losing him as a character in this book is upsetting. It’s shown in the issue that he sacrificed himself to save his friends from Solomon Grundy but who knows if he’s truly dead. The cover even hints at his end but I hope that is not the case.

I love the Superman Doomsday reference that the cover art brings. Speaking of which, the art, as always, is so fantastic. Soy’s interpretation of these characters is perfect and their emotions really show through. It’s great to look at and everything from the action to the dialog is so easy to follow. This issue is the absolute best issue to date. 

10 / 10

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 is quintessential Outlaws. The art is amazing, the story is so emotional, and everything is perfect about it. The possibility of losing a pivotal character is frightening and I can’t wait to see what happens next.