Detective Comics #964 Review

DETECTIVE COMICS #964 - cover.jpg

Detective Comics #964

DC Comics
Written by: James Tynion IV & Christopher Sebela
Art by: Christopher Sebela

Detective Comics #964 concludes the two-part story that started with Utopia (#963). This issue follows Spoiler's tour through the underground city, Utopia, as well as Dr. October's attempt to monitor Clayface's transformed state in order to create a cure. Things quickly turn south during the experiment with Clayface, and Batman interrupts Spoiler's tour to reveal the dark truth about Anarky and Utopia. 

James Tynion has done such a great job with Clayface in this series, and while it doesn't seem like Clayface will get a 5 or 6 issue story like the rest of the team has, it's nice to see him get some extra attention in this story. Cassie's role in the Clayface experiment is a great touch, as she's quickly become his closest friend and the person who helps him remember his humanity. I really enjoy having Basil on this team, and this issue did a good job of fleshing out his character a bit more.

I didn't feel much reason to be as invested in Spoiler's part of this story, however. When all is said and done, her part in this book seems to be more about familiarizing the reader with Utopia and its inhabitants than actually developing her character. Anarky has never really interested me either, and his role in this story didn't give me any new reasons to change my mind. Anything interesting about his role in Utopia is diminished by the end of the book.

As far as the art goes, Christopher Sebela nails it. Most of the series regulars are present in this book, as well as some quick appearances of important characters, and Sebela does an exceptional job moving from character to character throughout the book. There's been a certain tone to Detective Comics in Rebirth, and the full art team captured it well in this issue.

7 / 10

The story doesn't amount to much in the conclusion of this 2-issue journey, but it's still an enjoyable ride to get there.