Detective Comics #960 Review


Detective Comics #960

Written by: James Tynion IV

Art by: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, and Brad Anderson

I have rather been enjoying Detective Comics since its Rebirth debut. Even though I absolutely loved the first arc of this title, I’ve been only just enjoying it now. It’s an awesome team book but not the greatest. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong there! I have many things to say why I enjoy it. But it just doesn’t hit me that hard. Let’s now dive into Detective Comics #960.

I have been liking this arc but it is a slow burner. This issue is starting to get this arc going somewhere and makes me excited for the next issue. I’ve been loving Zatanna and Bruce’s relationship and flashbacks to when they were teenagers. The dialogue between them is great to read through. I hope she becomes a permanent member of the Bat-team, even. Azrael is back full force since Jean-Paul has succumbed to the suits power and it brings such a dark twist to the issue. The fight between Azrael and Ascalon was very intriguing since Ascalon is now going through this existential crisis once he saw Azrael. Ascalon sees himself in Azrael and is spiraling, trying to figure out why he feels this way. It’s such a fun twist for the character that sets up a possible epic fight between the two.

The biggest part that this arc brings, in my opinion, is Batman trying to find answers to what happened to Tim. He’s practically begging Zatanna to help him find some answers about him and the “metal” she hints at. I really hope we start to get answers about Tim pretty soon because it’s been far too long now.

The art, as always with this book, is so amazing. Detective is definitely one of my favorite titles for art and if I ever find the story of an issue to be underwhelming, I always have the art to praise.


Detective Comics #960 was a good issue. I had no problems with it but it didn’t quite hook me as much as I wanted to. The mysteries that are brought up here are intriguing, however, and the art is still so good.