Elsewhere #2 Review


What is this all about?

Here's another series that I'm jumping into my critique during the second issue, but hot dang, this is a fantastic series. Elsewhere is pure imagination and it is good, wholesome fun. Just to be brief, the first issue interested me because the concept sounded fun, and, boy howdy, it sure was. I am a fan of the Sword and Sorcery genre, and I also like a fun twist on the genre, and any attempts at creativity are appreciated.

The Review

Elsewhere 1 ends with the meeting of Amelia and notorious hijacker, D.B. Cooper (brilliant, by the way) and issue 2 delves a bit into how they both arrived in this strange world. A bit of backstory for those unfamiliar, D.B. Cooper was a man who hijacked a plane and jumped out of it in the 1970s and was never seen from again, and he had only been in, for the sake of brevity, we shall call it, Elsewhere for a few days, despite Amelia going missing decades before him, so we get a science fiction element with our fantasy. So we have an American legend and an American outlaw in a fantasy land brought by, seemingly, science fiction phenomena. Oh baby, yes!

The world the fish were dropped into is seemingly big, as they are stuck in the middle of a revolution against a Conan-like tyrant and Amelia just wants to find her navigator. This could have easily been a scenario where Amelia Earhart is made into some kind of badass fighter and new champion of the revolution, but the small story in the big world is the more bold choice, ironically.

Final Words

This is a great read for the comic book world right now: it's ageless, creative, well drawn, the story is simple, the characters are likable, the imagination is high, it's apolitical and it's super fun. As I was reading, I was laughing out loud at the ludicrous concept of everything, but my laughter was a result of the ideas, instead of laughing at it's stupidity. I will say this outright, nothing is stupid about this, and finding it's silly concept funny is a huge compliment. I really don't care if a story is original or not, but I will add that as a positive in addition to the laundry list of things I mentioned earlier. Great book, and I hope this is a series that continues

More Info

Reviewed by Lukas Krycek Elsewhere #2 Written by Jay Faeber Art by: Sumeyye Kesgin, Ron Riley Published by Image Comics Release Date: 9/6/17