Nightwing #28 Review


What is this all about?

Finally, we know who is behind all of this, behind the plot of his friend betraying him. The finale of the Spyral storyline is really starting to get to the meat of the story. Nightwing gets alone with this menace, and he ends all tied up and is in big trouble. Remember that his companions blow up in a trap in the previous issue.

Tim Seeley comes with a really good final scene, for this story, before we are introduced to a new rush, it brings some really good life questions, that can get into the reader, and for me that´s an important thing.

As we are used to, Javier Fernandez & Miguel Mendonca make us feel the scene, put us there, feeling what the environment is giving, and provides us fans a very entertaining read.

Final Words

I really don´t know what else to say, because I feel that if I go any further into detail will move us into more potential spoilers. But trust me, this story pushes Nightwing´s mind to the limit. And if the story tellers think about it, they can really push the envelope to Dick's character.

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Reviewed by Federico Nightwing #28 Written by Tim Seeley Art by: Javier Fernandez; Inks by Diana Egea Published by DC Comics Release Date: 9/5/17