Injustice 2 #9 Review


What is this all about?

Yes, yes and, yes. This comic is the perfect set up for the upcoming storm. Nothing critical happened, but the big fight is knocking on the door. Our heroes come with all there plans prepared, looking for what they came for, knowing that the fight is going to be hard, almost impossible, but they go in anyway.

And as we were all expecting, the infiltrator team is one of the best heroes who exist, and both are hilarious! I cannot think of a more perfect duo for this mission. They definitely need more "page time" in the upcoming issues.

As it is usual in this kind of stories, the enemy always more or less is expecting the heroes to come in their house, and they activate "the counter plan", "the trap" or... ok, you know what I´m talking about. But, besides we all know this, we are anxious to watch how things go, what they were planning to fight the good guys. And everything is even better when you have Batman on your team.

Final Words

Tom Taylor bring us a really good set up for the rescue and clashes of the forces of good and evil. I cannot wait until the next issue to finally jump into action.

More Info

Reviewed by Federico Injustice 2 #9 Written by Tom Taylor Art by: Daniel Sampere; Inker: Juan Albarran Published by DC Comics Release Date: 9/6/17