Green Arrow #30 Review


What is this all about?

Hard Traveling Hero is the story of Oliver Queen traveling around the world. To stop the Ninth Circle, an evil bank bent on controlling the world. Last few issues saw the Emerald Archer team up with Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and The Batman. The long awaited Green Lantern and Green Arrow team up is now.


The Review

The issue starts with an inner monologue, Oliver explaining he's scared, for this country thanks to the Ninth Circle. We see Oliver call Hal Jordan using the communicator given to him by Batman last issue. Oliver tells him how he's changed and how he's become a hero for real. Only doing this for the people and not for the glory.

The duo decide they need to take out the Ninth Circles satellite. Lantern whips Arrow up a will powered space suit and they take off. As for their ride, Hal creates a green pickup truck for them to sit in on the way to space. Meanwhile Black Canary and Red Arrow are beneath Star City attempting to stop the auctioneer, but end up walking into a trap set by him.

Once they reach space, Hal and Oliver use lasers to find the satellite. The location ends up being on the dark side of the moon. Oliver manages to hit a drone in space with an arrow, an amazing shot. They follow it inside and discover the mother load of information. Hal attempts to break a door open when they are ambushed by a Circle member in a mech suit. He is able to knock Oliver out a window and knock Hal down. This causes the will space suit to disappear. Oliver screams "I need you" to Hal right as the issue ends.

Final Words

This issue is nothing but a loving call back to the much loved and classic Green Arrow/ Green Lantern team up. From tiny details about the Truck, to the sharp witted jabs the two exchange. If you are a fan of Oliver Queen or Hal Jordan from any medium, this is a must read. I give this issue a 10/10. Such a good call back filled with amazing art, and a great story. Just makes you invested in the best possible way

More Info

Reviewed by Eric Butler Green Lantern #30 Written by Benjamin Percy Art by: Otto Schmidt Published by DC Comics Release Date: 09/06/2017